2021 Brewery Lineup

More vendors added here each week!

Specialty Tapping: ROAK Brewing Co.
at 5:30 pm at booths 8 & 9
Watusi Moonshot
Limited quantities available on a first come basis

Alaskan Brewing Company
Husky IPA | Smoked Porter | Blonde Ale
American Brewers
Lavender saison | Native Saison | Blueberry Apple Mead
Atwater Brewing Co.
Traverse City Cherry Wheat | Bavarian Cream Vanilla Java Porter
Blue Cobbler
Ballast Point
Bonito Blonde | Sculpin IPA | Passing Haze
Bier Distillery
Strawberry Fields | Oktobier | Neptunium Barley
Elvis Juice | Hazy Jane | Cybernaut
Corona Refresca
Passionfruit Lime | Guava Lime | Coconut Lime
Crook & Marker
Tangerine | Red Variety | Black Cherry
Flying Monkeys
Juicy IPA
Forbidden Fruit Cider
Original | Cherry Cider | Black & Blueberry Cider
Grand Armory Brewing Co.
White Chocolate Blonde Ale | Wee Kilt Kyle Scottish Ale
Crop Duster Citra IPA
Great Mead Hall & Brewing Co
Herminator | Old Scrumpy | Mz Beauregarde
Griffin Claw Brewing Company
Screaming Pumpkin | Blue Sky| FB Original
Lansing Brewing Company
Black Magic |Amber Cream | Peninsula Pils
Latitude 42 Brewing Company
Michigan Honey Amber | Nectar of the Goddess | Party at the Moontower
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. 
Kentucky Bastard Ale
One Well Brewing
Xalapa | Ripped Right | Straight Forward (N.A. Root Beer)
Paw Paw Brewing Company
Gusmeister | Concord Blonde | Jakes Vanilla Bean Porter
Peat's Original Cider
The Birdwatcher | The Huntsman
Perrin Brewing Company
Blonde Porter | Blackberry IPA | 98 Problems IPA
Presidential Brewing Company
Patrioatic – Oatmeal Blonde Ale| Sherbert Hoover- Strawberry Kettle Sour  | Write-in ballot: Motueka – IPA
Pux Cider
Rose | Luck | Jak
Revolution Brewing
Anti Hero IPA | Paddy Wagon | Hazy Hero
ROAK Brewing Co.
Hopgazer | Watusi Moonshot | French Toast Devil Dog
Roaktoberfest | Wa Wa Zat | Flavorful Five
Rochester Mills Beer Co.
Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake Stout| Warrior Goddess 
Juice Bigalow NEIPA
Saugatuck Brewing Co.
Peanut Butter Porter  | Bonfire Brown| RADventure IPA
Silver Harbor Brewing
Grandma's Favorite Recipe | Kumbaya | Hops, Sweat and Tears
South Haven Brewpub
Old Harbor IPA | Basic Witch Pumkin Black Ale
Not Your Grandmas Cookie
Tantrick Brewing Co
Hoppy McHopFace IPA | Tantrick Oktoberfest
Hello Darkness I am Froot Stout
The Distant Whistle
Disco Kitten: NEIPA |Shadow Dog: Brown Porter |Oktoberfest: Märzen 
Virtue Cider
Michigan Apple | Michigan Cherry | Brut
Wild Tonic
Blue Basil (GF)| Mango Ginger (GF) | Hoppy Buzz (GF)
Roak R Text Logo.png
N/A Cold Brew Coffee
StrongBrew Cold Brew Coffee Company
Complimentary Cold Brew coffee samples